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Ethan's Great Awakening Sean Reid Scott

Ethan's Great Awakening Sean Reid Scott




Ethan's Great Awakening

by Sean Reid Scott

rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

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Ethan Shaker is finally realizing that his life-long efforts to hide his true sexuality have been in vain. He is hopelessly attracted to men—specifically, bodybuilders: Muscle men. Huge, ripped, flexing physiques.

Years ago, convicted by his religious upbringing, Ethan married a woman, hoping that would “cure” him of his “sinful” predilection toward men of muscle. Unfazed by his commitment to heterosexual marriage though, his libido continued to be triggered only by men, regardless of how hard Ethan tried to pray those impulses away.

When a massive, young, gorgeous bodybuilder moves in across the street, Ethan can’t handle it. The guy totally exceeds all of the qualities that make Ethan hard. What happens next will rock Ethan’s marriage—if not destroy it. Ethan has to make some big decisions.

Enter a young relative Ethan hasn’t seen in four years. This guy matches the astounding muscle development of Ethan’s bodybuilder neighbor pound for pound! What will happen when the two Alpha-objects of Ethan’s affections meet?

This is an erotic tale of male muscle worship. It contains sexually explicit content which is suitable only for mature adults. The subject matter addresses and embraces gay sexuality and m/m love. If this topic is offensive, and/or if explicit gay sexual situations make you uncomfortable, please walk on by.



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Ethan's Great Awakening

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Sean Reid Scott


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